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Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use is a legal contract between an individual user and Danneez Cleaning defining the rules and acceptable behavior of our website and services.

  1. Please note our Quotation is based on the property being in good condition. The condition of the property may change the price upon inspection of the property on the day of the cleaning dependent on the size & the condition. If Upon inspection we find the property to be in a very poor condition or there is additional cleaning required not discussed at the time of quoting, we will contact the client to inform of the additional costs applicable.

  2. If you proceed with our cleaning services we require credit card details or full payment depending on type of cleaning, to secure your day and time of cleaning. (for the quoted amount)

  3. Payment terms –  As applicable, the balance is due prior to commencement of the job.

  4. If a booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled cleaning, a charge of 50% of the cleaning cost will apply

  5. If a booking is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled cleaning, a charge of 100% of the cleaning cost will apply

  6. Our End of Lease Packages include a 1 kitchen, 1 laundry, 1 living area/ 1 Dining and selected bedrooms and bathroom.

  7. End of Lease cleaning – in the event that an end of lease cleaning requires rectification by Danneez Cleaning, we must be advised within a maximum of 3 days of the cleaning date to rectify any issues identified by the client or agent.

  8. End of Lease cleaning – we must be advised this at the time of booking when the end of lease inspection is to be carried out by the agent.

  9. Our rates and cleaning prices are per job booked.

  10. Regular cleaning is not available at this stage but would have a minimum time of 3 hours. Regular cleaning is cleaning carried out weekly or fortnightly.

  11. Spring cleaning has a minimum charge of 3 hours. Spring cleaning is cleaning carried out at a frequency of more than 2 weeks between cleans and is a different rate to regular cleaning. Please note: Spring Cleaning will NOT pass an End of lease Inspection. We do not guarantee spring cleaning can or will achieve the standard of cleaning required for that of an end of lease clean irrespective of whether you have an inspection or not.

  12. What we Clean – Our cleaning services for each property do not automatically include every ticked item in the respective lists, they are dependant on the requirements of the client and the size of the property.

  13. Our quotation does not include any extras if not advised at time of quote. Extras include:

    1. Balcony & outdoor area cleaning

    2. Carpet steam cleaning

    3. Furniture cleaning

    4. Fridge cleaning

    5. Blinds cleaning

    6. Carpeted stairs

    7. Cupboards inside

    8. Oven

    9. Rangehood

    10. Windows (internal)

    11. Windows (external) cleaning.

    * End of Lease Cleaning Extras:

    1. Balcony & outdoor area cleaning

    2. Garage/basement car space cleaning

    3. Storage enclosure cleaning

    4. Carpet Steam Cleaning

    5. Furniture cleaning

    6. Fridge Cleaning

    7. Windows (external Cleaning)

    8. Window track cleaning (quote provided on day of cleaning)

    9. Blinds Cleaning

    10. Carpeted stairs

    11. High level window cleaning or other high level cleaning work

    12. Furnished property

    13. Furnished property with utensils, pots pans etc.

    14. Blinds and Curtains are exclusive of this price. However it can be added on the day at additional cost.

    15. Balcony, deck/courtyard and garage cleaning allow a sweep and mop only.

    16. Any Industrial cleaning requiring High Pressure Cleaning, Acid wash or Scrubbing will be at an additional cost.

  14. Wall marks and dirt are limited, If we have to wash whole walls an additional charge will apply (applicable to end of lease cleaning only). 

  15. Cleaning of smoke marks on walls/ceilings is excluded from our end of lease & spring cleaning quotations.

  16. Ceiling cleaning is an additional charge

  17. Fridge cleaning is an additional charge

  18. All outside areas are excluded unless the client requests outdoor cleaning.

  19. Multi/double story property or large properties will incur an additional cost, if the correct information is not provided by the client at the time of quoting.

  20. Properties in a poor condition may incur additional cost, for items such as carpet stains, extensive wall marks, extensive mould, dirty sliding door tracks etc.

  21. Furnished properties or appliances left to be cleaned will be additional cost.

  22. If kitchen is full with utensils such as pots, cutlery, appliances an additional cost will be incurred. 

  23. If fly screens & other items of this nature are required to be cleaned, this will incur an additional cost.

  24. Cleaning of ceiling fans and light fittings is included in this quote for dusting only. Down lights or any other light fittings which are not easily removable or must be unscrewed, we will not be able to clean unless is removed by the client, or no liability to Danneez Cleaning will be taken if we have to remove any of these fittings.

  25. Where troffer lights are required to be cleaned, it is the responsibility of the client to provide access to the lights, this includes removing the diffuser and installing by client after the cleaning Is carried out.

  26. A lifting & handling fee may apply where carpet steam cleaning or heavy equipment is required to properties on levels higher than ground floor that do not have lift access.

  27. Window furnishings such as blinds or curtains are not included in the quoted price.

  28. We will only clean windows that we can access, we will not remove any fly screens that require tools to remove.

  29. Removal of concrete, grout, paint or glue residue from windows, walls, floors etc. is not included in our standard quote and will be subject to additional cost as this requires additional time to remove these items.

  30. Carpet Steam Cleaning: We do not guarantee that all stains will be removed upon carpet steam cleaning. Stains derived from caustics, acids and permanent dyes may be permanent stains that cannot be removed. NOTE: If there is stains and we need to do a treatment we will charge extra per stain treatment we will let you know on the day. If property is furnished, we will only do the steam clean around the furniture unless the client moves it . Please advise if you require carpet stain removal. Stain Removal will be an additional cost per treatment per stain. Price can be provided upon inspection of the stain(s) on the day. However we can not guarantee stains can be removed completely. It is responsibility of the customer to give as much information as possible to Danneez Cleaning Service in order to treat stains successfully. Danneez Cleaning is not liable for stains and marks that are unable to be removed.

  31. Grout cleaning if required, is an additional charge.

  32. Late fees may apply for overdue invoices @ $10 PER DAY

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